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Electric is the future for performance and the planet.



hometown: Hoboken, NJ

DOB: 11/01/2005

height: 5’6” / 168 cm

Weight: 129 lbs / 59 kg

Karting: 2010-Present

VR/Sim: 2016-Present

favorite track: SPA, Belgium

Goal: do something that hasn’t been invented yet


2019 Highlights

American eKart Championship

  • Regional Champion, Autobahn Palisades, Nyack, NY

  • National championship // august 23-25, 2019, Chicago

  • finished 12th in the nation & Facebook Fan Favorite

Play & Drive Pirelli eKart Championship, Alcaniz, Spain

  • qualified as one of only 8 drivers selected

  • recruited as part of electric GT drivers Club

  • testing 9/26-27, race weekend 10/12-13

Lucas oil Open Wheel race clinic

  • beginner series, NJMP, Summer 2019

  • Advanced Series, Sebring Raceway, November 2019

  • Cooper Tires Scholarship Shootout, Dec 2019

electric kart // open wheel // sim & VR // esports

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lightning in my veins

Born with it

There's more than one route to the finish line.

I’ve been in love with racing for as long as I can remember. From naming the make and model of every car on the road when I was two to hopping on anything with wheels, I have always felt that when I’m racing, everything feels right. Racing touches every part of my life— school, fitness, travel and hobbies.

Over the past 7 years, I have developed my skills as an electric kart, sim & VR driver. Living in an urban environment, I have leveraged technology as a way to further my racing career without the traditional path of gas karting. I believe I am in a unique position to become a leader in the future of racing, from eKarting, GTE and Formula E to VR/Sim Racing and eSports.

Thank you for checking out my site and learning my story. Hold on tight. We’re going places, fast.

'Bringing my passion for speed to the cutting edge, I will carve an uncharted path, leveraging technology to lead the future of racing.'


off the track

work hard, play hard




I bring my love for speed into school in any way I can, and luckily my school, Hamilton Park Montessori, allows me to do amazing projects like creating bio-diesel, designing RC tracks and tuning cars in Blender. For 4 years I participated in Montessori Model UN, I’m part of our Media Mavericks club and am also learning to knit with our math teacher. I know that math, physics and speaking well will help me in my racing career.




If it has wheels or goes fast, I’m game. I love skateboarding, BMX, RC car racing and surfing. We’ve traveled all over the world to experience different tracks and do all kinds of activities. My favorite trips have been to Tokyo, Finland, Italy and Nicaragua. Last year I got a One Wheel and it is amazing to ride. I also enjoy downhill mountain biking during the summer. I spend a lot of time in my racing sim and my favorite video games are Destiny and Blender where I build and tune cars.




I’m super active and have been doing Crossfit for three years now. My dad got me into it, and I have incredible coach, Ashley, at Hudson River Fitness that trains me. My deadlift max is currently 120lbs and I can string together my muscle ups now! Since I was 4 I’ve practiced Tae Kwon Do and I’m currently a Green Belt with Black Stripe. Finally, for fun, I’m on the basketball team at school, and my coach and PE teacher Mr. Colin works out with me once a week.




get on board


Working with sponsors is an important part of my being able to race, stay competitive and move forward with my career. We invite sponsors at all levels for racing, sim or both. Also, since my parents are Films by Francesco, your sponsored content can look as good as mine. ;-)

Currently, I’m seeking sponsors for the 2019/20 season. My main goals are:

  • build an electric kart from the ground up & take it on the road to tracks across the USA

  • plan and host an ecoRally in Hoboken, my hometown, to support EV awareness & sustainability initiatives

  • participate in the DEKM , ElectricGT or ERA Championship next season (once I’m old enough!)

  • continue my sim/VR racing and join an iRacing eSports league